This is Marc and Marcia's photography journey


Week 18: # It Happens Over Time

When Marc takes a picture, he does it because he finds it intriguing and “different”.  My job is to make sense of it and try to make it fit with the different themes. Ultimately, I am the one who has the challenge but it has been interesting because it forces me to think differently.  This theme: “It Happens Over Time” is unique because we will all interpret this with both personal and visual angles.

One of the beauties of this blog is that it provokes memories that are close to our hearts. This particular picture makes me laugh because I have no idea how we all survived without the marvels of computers and cell phones and many other facets of technology. I grew up with this wonderful piece.  Did all of my research and papers on this gadget and had so much frustration between changing the ribbons and using white outs. Many times I had to re-type an entire document. Oh goodness gracious! How far we have come!




Week 17: #10 – Family Table

Marc and I are a week behind because we celebrated a special occasion with family members and yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, I think it is appropriate to say that the family table is a significant part of our lives. Although there isn’t anyone sitting at the table, it represents the symbol of togetherness.

We like cozy and this table and wood burning fireplace reflects cozy to us. I like the warmth of the hard wood floors too.  This is a part of the northeast that I miss BUT we do not miss the cold and snow. We are thankful to be here in Florida.

Being Thankful should be expressed every day not just one day a year. Just to be able to sit in front of the computer with a hot cup of tea to warm my belly brings me so much gratitude. I am so very thankful for my loving hubby, my wonderful son and daughter-in-law and all of our extended family members and friends. I am thankful for our health and a home that we share with our two doggies and kitty. I am thankful that I live in a country where we can be free to express our thoughts and share our feelings in ways that are appropriate. I am thankful for all that Marc and I are able to experience and wish you all a year of good health, happiness and blessings.



Week 15: # 5 – Butterflies


As I review this picture, I not only appreciate the beauty of these monarchs but the patience that it takes to capture life in a split second. Photography takes great skill and timing is the essence of it all. What strikes me about this particular photo is the different wing spans on each butterfly at that precise shot.

Many times, Marc and I go on these picture taking expeditions and we see folks with huge cameras and tripods worth thousands dollars vs people using their simple little cell phones. Can you actually tell the difference with this picture? I am curious and would like to hear from you and see if you can tell what type of camera Marc uses.


Week 14: Graveyard

For some reason, I am fascinated by graveyards and have always been curious about the people who are buried beneath the stones. But more interestingly, I was intrigued by the dates inscribed on the head stones illustrating the length of time the person or people were alive. One of the dates on the stone below made me feel sad.

As a child, I lived near a cemetery and saw birth dates listed in the1700’s but more importantly – what struck me the most was the condition of the stone and cemetery itself. How sad I felt if the stone was blackened by weather, soil, and time.  I also felt a sense of loneliness for the people who had very simple markings with no description other than the dates of the birth and death by their names. I am very interested in angels and how they protect us. Marc found a stone that gave me a smile. However, that being said ~

When Marc and I visited the Jewish Cemetery in Prague, I was deeply struck by ancient stones and markings and the closeness of the burial sites because land was a precious commodity AND the city was much older than my small hometown. Stones were knocked over, chiseled away, weeds grown all over them.  It felt disrespected and left me to wonder what life was like during their moments on earth. I like it when I see family plots: when the family is buried as a family although now this might be difficult because so many family members are separated by distance and possibly having been married several times.


The Martin couple were close in age and Isabell died just two months after John. How close were they? Was their love so strong and did Isabell die of a broken heart? And Baby Tara lived only a day or hours and perhaps lived in her parents hearts forever with her angels protecting her.


Week #13: Horses and Humans

One of the nice aspects of doing this blog is that it takes us down on memory lane. Marc took these two pictures this week ~ each of them re-awakening that inner child in me.  When I was a child, I lived in a rural town in Southern Jersey where horses, cows, chickens and the smell of Heinz ketchup being brewed every summer day was commonplace.  My dad and I would take walks to visit “George the Cow” and I am sure he had names for the horses and other farm animals, He would tell me stories about each animal and I believed them all.  He also took me to the county fairs where I had pony rides and food to feed them as well. Like most of us, we pass these traditions and experiences on to our children and they will pass them on to their children as well

Going down memory lanes takes us away from the daily realities of life some of which have been horrifying and depressing. These gifts of happiness and sharing that happiness with animals are so special. I am a firm believer in therapy pets and the values they have to those who are sick or struggling with challenges. Horses have a way of giving us strength in facing our adversities. Moreover – exposing our children to all of the joys life has to offer is paramount to memories that, they too, will cherish one day. Just like these two adorable girls (and the mom too!) We must not take these joys for granted.



Week 10: On Two Wheels

Oh Well – this week, we have to post two entries because we obviously can’t count or we just simply ignored week number #10 so today, Marc and I will enter two posts.

We just love to be different and even tho’ we are suppose to show something with two wheels, we thought? What’s wrong with three wheels? After all, this bicycle is rather different and cute and creative. Marc just happened to be cruising down somewhere and saw this and snapped a picture. Don’t know if we are in compliance with the blog rules but what the heck! It’s all in the name of fun and objectivity. Right???


OK – Marc just reviewed my post and said “Honey – I think we need to follow the rules so put in something with two wheels and it has to be a motorcycle”  Marc has been riding motorcycles for 3/4 of his life and when he met me, I became his “Motorcycle Momma.” We had matching jackets and helmets and if you ever saw me – you would never believe that I was a “Motorcycle Momma” at one time in my life. But hey! Life is filled with surprises.  And it should be fun!


Hang on everyone ~ Week #13 is on the way 🙂